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Septic System Maintainence

We service all types of septic systems including mini treatment plants.

Power Snake / Rooter

This service is for any clogged drains from 1-1/2" to 4" pipes. Tree roots are usually the cause of a backed up drain and can be cut out by our large snake equipped with a cutter head.

Sewage Pump Replacement

We will replace your failed effluent pump and any necessary pipes.

Major rewiring requires an electrician.

On Time Service

Our service to you is prompt and if we can't

keep our scheduled time with you we will communicate with you!

Computerized Record Keeping

We enter all service records of systems we have maintained and if you want to know when your system was serviced or where the tank access is, please feel free to call us. If you just bought an older house with a septic system, we can still find the record if there is one

Portable Toilet Rentals

Our toilets are manufatured by PolyJohn. The units are user friendly and very clean. Each unit has a foaming hand sanitizer dispenser. We also can clean your outhouse or portable toilet.

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